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Nitric Oxide Just A Pre-Workout? Think again

Nitric Oxide Just A Pre-Workout? Think again

Nitric oxide (NO) based supplements are common place pre-workout drinks these days now found in Core150’s by a large percentage of weight training enthusiasts. It’s main purpose is to give that PUMP we all love; the blood rushing to and gorging the muscles giving that euphoria as we see our muscles shine with sweat long after a hard training session. A lot of people think it sjust about the pump, but taking NO gives more benefits to your training other than the PUMP!

One Nitrogen and one Oxygen (O2) molecule combine to give the synthesized gas found in our bodies and is basically a cell communicator. It’s formed when the amino acid L-Arginie is converted into another amino acid, L-Citruline using an enzyme group called Nitric Oxide Synthase1. (The NO helps with the changing of Arginine to Citruline). It can be found in nervous tissue, skeletal type II muscle, endothelium (thin layer of cells that line our blood vessels), immune system and cardiovascular system. It has a half-life of 2 – 6 seconds in the blood, meaning it is constantly made which is important for cell signalling with neighbouring cells and within cells themselves.

Increased recovery rates, muscle growth and reduced fatigue. The increased vasodilation you get from NO doesn’t stop as soon as your workout stops, it carry’s on. This increased blood flow is important to get oxygen, amino acids, testosterone, growth hormone & IGF-1 to the muscles. Ensuring you feed yourself well after training with the correct supplementation for repair and growth to begin immediately and you will be ready for another hard training session and begin to notice changes over time.

Lactic acid build in muscles is high due the anaerobic effects of weight lifting and can leave your muscles fatigued, getting as much O2 into the muscles reduces that. Increased vasodilation gets O2 to the muscles more efficiently helping your fatigued muscles recover more quickly. The increased vasodilation also removes by products of lactic acid just as quickly, it’s a two-way system. The quicker the O2 gets in, the quicker the waste gets out through respiration and urination.

Other advantages of using NO In nerve cells are that it serves a neurotransmitter, spreading widely by diffusing through cells unlike normal presynaptic to postsynaptic neurotransmitters, allowing for greater nerve stimulation, response & communication. Helps reduce inflammation by inhibiting white blood cells sticking to the endothelium2. Increased endurance levels due to the increased uptake of O2 through vasodilation around lung capillaries & the amount of O2 being diffused across cell membranes. Glucose uptake and metabolism is faster. Finally, strength levels have been noted to increase greatly over a period of time.

You can buy NO supplements separately or as part of a stack. Which ever way you choose to buy you will be able to stack all your supplements in your Core150 and be ready to consume it before, during and after your session, normally NO products are taken 30 minutes before and on an empty stomach for maximum uptake. Some of the best on the market include Gaspari Nutrion SuperPump Max, USN Anabolic Nitro, BSN Nitrix,

Claire Peacock Bsc DSM DRSM Core150

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